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Tennessee Roleplayers

We've got our dice, where are yours?

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Community for people who enjoy roleplaying in Tennessee. This is a place for people who enjoy LARP, table top, miniatures, online games, etc. Come in and talk about what you enjoy, what you hate, stupid games, stupid gamers, cool storylines, characters you play, cards you like! Anything that involves roleplaying... also, if you are looking for groups and new people to play with, let us know here!

This community is an open community, any one may join. But please follow the rules below:

The only thing asked of you are the following...

1. Discussion is great, flaming is not.
2. We are all different, and don't all like the same game. If you don't like something, thats fine, but don't be a pain to others about it.
3. We are all equals, if things get out of hand, the moderator will boot you. not matter if she likes you or not.
4. WE are all here because we have a common interest, so try to enjoy each other's interest!
5. Have fun!

This community is moderated by ohthecuteness. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email her at niquieragland @ gmail . com (without spaces, of course).
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