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Oct. 12th, 2008 @ 01:06 am Playtesters needed
About this Entry
We are finalizing the rules for a Bronze Age roleplaying game, Similiar in gaming style to old school D&D in the belief that 'roleplaying' rather than calculus is the purpose of roleplaying (obviously enough)
A simple but versatile magic system designed to give Robert E Howard style to the sorcery and allow players to create magic on the fly (within reason) combined with a brutally effective combat system creates a game which we think is ready to go, but of course playtesting is the final step and also the most important. The setting is a fantasized version of the Bronze age but with the epic mentality of Bronze age tales. The world so far consists of Europe and the Mear/ Middle East but will eventually expand to include the Far East and even South America. Most of the characters are human but the game allows for Centaurs, Cyclops, Satyrs Fehrbolg (Fir-Bolg) and Alvar (Norse type elves)
We are looking for a small group of both experienced and inexperienced gamers with an eye for detail and enough knowledge to point out things we might have missed (equipment list, mistakes in rules etc) to play most likely monday evenings probably twice a month in the Donelson area.
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Jonathan Grey