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Oct. 29th, 2008 @ 08:48 am (no subject)
About this Entry

Temple Academy

At Temple Academy, we welcome teenagers from all backgrounds. This is not a traditional boarding school; the students are not sent here for behavioral issues. We are one of the best educational institutions in North America and strive to keep it that way. Teachers and students are held to the highest level of decency, as strong morals and values are of the utmost importance at Temple Academy. Make yourself home here in our school. We accept anyone from all over the world, from ages fourteen to nineteen to come study here at Temple Academy.

We also welcome different teachers to join in on our ranks. Teachers must apply and be over the age of twenty-two and have a degree in a specific field, such as science or history. Here at Temple, we already have the works ie: Art, History, Psychology, Foreign Languages, Music, PE, English, Science, Math and Home Economics and we are very welcome to more and different things that may be out there.

Grades are always important and we wish to have each and every student who attends here achieve the most they can from our institution, we strive for excellence. Teachers are expected to assign homework weekly and to help the student achieve the best that they can.

Now Accepting College Students! However please speak to the mod before applying as one, as the character needs to be tied into the school somehow.

Any questions? IM Musicalpeyton.

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Bob Bryar
Patrick Stump
Jimmy Sullivan
Pete Wentz
Vicky T
Brian Haner
Matt Sanders
Kevin Devine
Adam Lazzara

And many more!